“That First Montana Year” by Donna L. Scofield

“That First Montana Year” by Donna L. Scofield traces the story of a young couple and their shot-gun marriage and subsequent travels to a new life in Montana.

Beatrice Anne has gone and done it…she has gotten pregnant…and she’s not married.  The father of her child is someone whom she has loved almost all of her seventeen years.  The fact that he broke off their relationship when a new fancy girl came to town broke her heart.  Go back to one night during a blizzard where the two have holed up in an old cabin to keep from freezing to death.  Will Carter is reluctant, but resigned to do the right thing and marry B’Anne.  Neither of them is happy with the arrangement, but it’s the only thing to do.

The story continues as the young couple finds their way to a new life and a life together.  Will they find true love along the way?  I enjoyed reading this story because of its simplicity and the portrayal of all the hard work that settlers on the plains had to go through.

I purchased a Kindle copy of this book from Amazon.com.  No review positive or otherwise was required – all opinions are my own.


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