“This Road We Traveled”by Jane Kirkpatrick

Tabitha Moffat Brown is known as “The Mother of Oregon”.  By using her diary entries and other historical writings, Jane Kirkpatrick has written her story of Tabby’s journey to Oregon with her family, “This Road We Traveled”.  Ms. Kirkpatrick has done extensive research into the life of Mrs. Brown and has built her story around that.  At first, Tabby’s son did not want her to travel with them over the Oregon Trail because he thought that at her age of 65 she would not survive the hardships they would encounter and would slow them down.  Tabitha was not one to give up however and was determined not to be left behind without her children, her son Orus and his family, and her daughter Pherne and her family.  Even though one son Manthano and his family decided not to make the trip, Tabby decided to go anyway.  The survival of her and the other family members at times depended on Tabitha and her fortitude and perseverance.  Despite illness, inclement weather, equipment breakdowns, non-existent trails, starvation and the deaths of so many, Tabby and her family pressed on.

This account of some of the settlers who braved the Oregon Trail to find a better life and new land is fascinating because it actually is based on the real journey of Tabitha Moffat Brown and her family.  How these pioneers braved the elements, Indians, starvation, loneliness and fear to find a new life is something I will never be able to understand.  They left their homes with little of their possessions and most had to part with even that along the sometimes treacherous trail.  Some arrived at their destination destitute and with the clothes on their backs; and yet forged on to create a new life in a new part of America.

I received a free print copy of this book from Revell for my review.  No review positive or otherwise was required – all opinions are my own.


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