“His Substitute Wife” by Dorothy Clark

One of my favorite genres to read is an historical romance…a little romance and a little history.  Dorothy Clark’s “His Substitute Wife” had a little of both.  The story is set in Whisper Creek, Wyoming in 1868.  Blake Lathrop has come to the little town to start a business…a business that has strings attached to the contract.  Blake must marry within a short period of time in order to keep his business.  He has sent for Linda Prescott, his fiancée, to meet him there.  When his fiancée steps off the train, he finds that it is her sister Audrey who has come to meet him.  Unbeknownst to Blake, Linda has run off with another man leaving Audrey to pick up the pieces.  She, instead of Linda, has answered all his letters making believe that she was her sister, hoping that Linda would come to her senses and travel to be with Blake.  Since that has not happened and because she is in love with Blake herself, she travels to Whisper Creek to help Blake keep his business by fulfilling the marriage contract herself.  Of course, this presents all sorts of problems for both of them.  I enjoyed reading this twist on a mail-order bride story.  Although these always end blissfully, one has to know that for a woman to answer an ad for a bride, sight unseen, is fraught with danger.  It’s nice to read a positive story.

I received a Kindle print copy of this book from NetGalley.com.  No review positive or otherwise was required – all opinions are my own.


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