“The Patchwork Family” by Charlotte Hubbard

I thought that “The Patchwork Family” by Charlotte Hubbard was a wonderful story.  A faith-filled couple, Judd and Mercedes Monroe, is running a stage coach stop near Abilene, Texas.  They have taken in two “colored” men to help with the farm and duties for the Holladay Stage Line.  In return, they are treated like family and given room and board.

One day the stage stops, and the driver, Michael Malloy, askes the couple to take in two abandoned children.  Their mother just left them with tickets to Denver and drove off with a dandy.  The children are naturally upset and scared.  Judd and Mercedes pray about it and decide that they must do what they can for these poor children.  The little boy is a joy to have around, but his older sister is not so nice.  She has a mouth on her that would curl hair and needs to learn how to behave.  It is a challenge for all.

Judd and Mercedes have their share of troubles…no money, hard work, Indians, no near neighbors.  But the two of them have their love for each other and the faith to sustain them.  The story goes on and the reader becomes more involved the more pages are read.  I loved this book and will definitely read the following novels, featuring characters from this first book.

I purchased a free Kindle copy from Amazon.com.  No review positive or otherwise was required – all opinions are my own.


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