“The Devoted” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Suzanne Woods Fisher is a renowned author of Amish fiction.  “The Devoted” is the third novel in her The Bishops’s Family series.

Ruthie Stoltzfus is the daughter of Bishop David Stoltzfus.  She is 17 and one of six children.  She is the sometimes girl friend of Luke Schrock.  Luke is a wild child and frequently is in trouble with the Amish community and the law.  Ruth is not satisfied with her life in the community and is toying with the idea of leaving for the English world.  She has her GED and has saved her money.  Even though she is ready to leave, she just can’t quite bring herself to do it.  In the meantime, Patrick Kelly, a new candidate for the Amish life comes to Stoney Ridge to stay for a month to see if he will fit in.  Ruth is asked to be his Pennsylvania Dutch tutor.

Luke Schrock is determined to win Ruth back, but it seems that Patrick is always in the way.  True to form, Luke devises a plan to put Patrick out of commission.  He has played with danger for a long time and has addictions that need to be addressed.

The questions are, will Ruth leave the Amish, will Patrick stay, and will Luke finally see the light?

I received a complimentary print copy of this book from Revell Reads.


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