“My Nazi Nemesis” by Rich DeSilvio

“My Nazi Nemesis” by Rich DiSilvio is touted as a dark thriller.  I agree.  Jack, Alois, Veronika, and Eleanor are the main characters in this story.  Jack is a member of the OSS officer during World War II.  He and his daughter, Eleanor, live in St. Louis, Missouri.  He has been training his daughter all her life to become an agent.  On her fifteenth birthday, he finally decides to tell her the story of her late mother and his life during the war and after.

It is quite a story beginning with saving Veronika’s life after her Russian plane crashes in Poland.  He has parachuted from the Allied plane, as it is shot down.  They are captured by the Gestapo and Veronika is taken to Auschwitz.  As Jack tells the story, she is sorely abused by the Capo, or Jewish collaborator in the camp.  He finds a way to rescue her and they try to escape back to England.  Alois is an officer in the SS.  The three of them cross paths and so begins the tale.  I dare not reveal more because I do not want to compromise the end of the story.  Suffice it to say, the reader will be enthralled with events.

I enjoyed the author’s use of sarcasm and wit, along with the very colorful descriptions of the book’s characters.  This use of those imaginative phrases leaves no doubt as to the looks or deportment of the individuals as he sees them.  This is what kept me interested in the book…that, and the surprise denouement.

I received a complimentary print copy of this book from DV Books.


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