“The Christmas Angel Project” by Melody Carlson

If you are looking for a wonderfully fulfilling Christmas read, try “The Christmas Angel Project” by Melody Carlson.  This little book is the delightful story of five women who meet monthly in a book club.  One of the participants is looked upon as the “good” one of the bunch.  Her husband calls her “the little Abby Angel the constant counselor”.  A few days after a wonderful Thanksgiving, Abby is creating little angels to give to her four friends in the book club.  She constantly tries to make people see the good part of life and not dwell on the bad.  Sadly, she passes away unexpectedly.  Her husband and friends are devastated.  The four ladies get together and decide that they will each take on an angel project for the holidays.  What follows is the miracle that occurs when one forgets about oneself and strives to make life better for someone else.  Abby is still creating her magic as her legacy in the form of her friends.

I thought this book was a wonderful way to get into the true spirit of Christmas and what it really means.  I would certainly think about gifting this book to others to pass those thoughts along.

I received a print copy of this book from Revell in return for my honest review.


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