“In the Land of Milk and Honey” by Jane Jensen

Jane Jensen is the author of “In the Land of Milk and Honey”.  This is a crime novel and well worth the time spent reading it.  This novel is set in the Amish community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Elizabeth Harris is a detective with the local police and had solved a murder case some time ago.   The Amish community is being devastated by suspicious deaths, which at first are attributed to the flu.  However when whole families of Amish start dying, the police need to solve this crime quickly.  It seems that all those afflicted became ill after drinking tainted milk from their own cows.  How is this mysterious substance being ingested by the cows, which also become sick and die?  It is Elizabeth’s job to find out.  The Center for Disease Control becomes involved too.  Elizabeth is living with her boyfriend who is ex-Amish and this case can either bring them together or drive them apart.  He is still trying to find out exactly who he is and she is totally caught up in solving this mysterious crime.

I read this novel in one day because I really needed to know who the evil person was who would target whole families consisting of parents, grandparents, and many children.  Finding out what vendetta the culprit had against them was paramount in finishing the book…a very good crime novel.

I received a print copy of this book from NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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