“Texas Cindrella” by Winnie Griggs

“Texas Cindrella” by Winnie Griggs Was a delightful little novel and one of the books in the Texas Grooms series.  Cassie Lynn Vickers has been keeping house for her farmer father and sons since her mother passed away.  After her brother got married and brought his bride to the family farm house, Cassie decided to take a job in town as a caretaker for Mrs. Flanagan, and start her own bakery business with hopes of expanding to her own shop.

Riley Walker is on the run with his niece and nephew, hiding out from their father, his step-brother.  The children become ill and the trio is befriended by Mrs. Flanagan and Cassie. This long stop in Turnabout, Texas gives the children’s father time to catch up to them.  Hoping that the Pinkerton agent he hired will find something to make sure that the kids’ no-good father is put away for a long time, Riley decides to face whatever happens to keep the children safe with him.

I thought the story was very sweet and the characters were real enough for the time period of the story.  Ms. Griggs has written an engaging tale and I liked it.  I was sent a Kindle copy of this book by NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.


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