“Starving Hearts” by Janine Mendenhall

Janine Mendenhall has written a very intriguing novel in “Starving Hearts”.  This book takes place in England and the Colonies during the late 1700’s.  Not only does Ms. Mendenhall provide the reader with adventure, but also malicious betrayal.  The characters relationships are interwoven to the point that finishing the book is a necessity.  This is a book of historical fiction with a religious bent that obviously flows from the writer.  I enjoyed the interaction of the different characters and their parts in the plot.

One thing that was a little frustrating was the dialogue.  I know that at this period in history in England, certain social norms were required, but I grew weary of the subterfuge.  Between the constant dialogue among the characters and their discussing their problems with themselves and God in their heads, it wore me out.  I think it’s because I am sort of a quiet person myself and the constant comments were not to my liking.  I would be anxious to read more works of Ms. Mendenhall and compare her future novels to this one.

I was sent a print copy of this book by LitFuse Publicity.com in return for my honest review.





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