“Forsaking All Others” by Allison Pittman

Allison Pittman’s The Sister Wife Series contains stories about the Mormon religion and their leaders’ and follower’s practices.  “Forsaking All Others” is the story of Camilla Fox, wife of Nathan and mother to two little girls.  Following Nathan, a Mormon, to Utah under the guidance of Brigham Young, Camilla was content for a while until she found that, as a Christian woman, she could no longer accept the beliefs and practices of the Mormons.  All this became too much for her to bear when her husband took another wife.  They were called “sister wives” and were expected to share their husbands in all things and work together to raise all the children and attend to matters of the house.  When Camilla decided that she had to leave her children behind until she could send for them, she left her home travelling towards her parents’ home.  She was caught in a blizzard and rescued by the military.  The story continues as she is protected from her husband and the Mormons who would harm her for leaving by Colonel Brandon.  Her main focus is to free herself from Nathan and bring her children to her.

I found this story very unsettling for me.  All the talk of God’s earthly prophets and their demands and directives to their followers were not something that I could accept, much less condone.  I’m sure that things like this happened before the practice of bigamy was outlawed by the Federal Government, but until then, these women suffered degradation and abuse at the hands of their husbands and the “church”.

I received this print books from Tyndale Publishers in return for my honest review.


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