“The Silent Order” by Melanie Dobson

Set during the Prohibition, “The Silent Order” by Melanie Dobson is a book filled with suspense, murder and mobsters.  Nikki and Liz Cordano are discovered in their father’s secret room in his restaurant, Mangiomo’s.  They were not supposed to be there and were definitely NOT supposed to overhear what their brother and his henchmen were planning.  Their family has no problem disposing of its own members if they are suspected of double-dealing.

Nine years later, Detective Rollin Wells is one of the team of police who are determined to stop the mob and its dealings with bootlegging.  He and his partner witness a meeting of the mob bosses where they see a mob leader killed.  They follow the clues to an Amish settlement near Cleveland, but is brought face to face with carloads of gunmen seeking to get rid of him.  At this point Rollins doesn’t know whom to trust.  The police are probably in cahoots with the mob and he cannot even count on his partner.  Being wounded in a gun battle, he makes his way to a barn where he is discovered by a young Amish mother, Katie Lehman.  She knows of the mob dealings and persuades her aunt and uncle and the whole Amish community to hide the detective from the gangsters who are trying to find him.

The reader’s discovering the reasons that Katie is so knowledgeable about the detective is the plot of the story.  I thought that Ms. Dobson portrayed this time period very well while incorporating the Amish way in its story line.  I was unable to stop reading this novel until I finished it.  I love Ms. Dobson’s writing and have read other books that she has written.  I highly recommend it as a book of historical fiction.



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