“The Cinderella Governess” by Georgie Lee

Georgie Lee is the author of a series of books in The Governess Tales.  Joanna Radcliff, Rachel Talbot, Isabel Morton and Grace Bertram are four girls who grew up together in Madame Dubois’s school for young ladies.  Now that their time at the school is over, they must seek employment as governesses, which they have trained to do.  “The Cinderella Governess” is the first in the series and follows Joanna Radcliff as she begins her life in the working world.  Joanna doesn’t really know who she is because she was left at Ms. Dubois’s school when she was quite young.  She knows nothing of her father or mother.

Working for the Huntford family as governess to four young girls is quite a task for the young woman.  Frances, the oldest girl is especially willful and rude as are the other girls in her care.  She is paraded before eligible young men at balls and parties as she looks for marriage.  Luke Preston has reluctantly given up his commission in the army in order to come home and find a wife to help his family who are in dire circumstances.  Joanna and Luke are drawn to each other; but the difference in their circumstances makes marriage between them impossible, or so it seems.

This historical novel from Harlequin Publishers is a very sweet novel with lots of twists and turns.  The time frame is set during the Napoleonic Wars.  I think the author has a very descriptive form of writing and that draws the reader in to the story.  Look for more novels by Ms. Lee about the other girls from Ms. Dubois’s School.

I downloaded a few Kindle copy of this book from NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.


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