“Murder Mezzo Forte” by Donn Taylor

A college campus rife with faculty jealousy, administrative incompetence, trustee malfeasance and murder is the basis for Donn Taylor’s “Murder Mezzo Forte”.  Dr. Preston Barclay, a history professor and Dr. Mara Thorn, a religious studies professor, have a history of solving murders.  So when, having been summoned to a fellow faculty member’s office, they find her body, they are again involved albeit reluctantly in solving another murder.  Their jobs are on the line and somebody or “bodies” are hiding something that could help them solve the case.  Not trusting the local police, they are on their own researching anything that might be helpful.  This was a very intriguing novel because of all the interactions among the characters and their secrets.  Prof. Barclay has a tendency to hear music in his head and it’s very disconcerting.  I was a little irritated that every time he mentioned the melody he heard, I found myself trying to place it or sing it myself.  This really took away the continuity of the story.  I know that this was meant to be a quirk of Preston’s, but it was mentioned too many times.  Other than that, I really liked the story and will read Mr. Taylor’s work again.

I received a Print copy of this book from LitFuse Publicity.com in return for my honest review.


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