“Time of Fog and Fire” by Rhys Bowen

“Time of Fog and Fire” by Rhys Bowen is a Molly Murphy mystery.  It is set in New York City and San Francisco in 1906.  Captain Daniel Sullivan is asked to take on an assignment by the Secret Service.  Molly does not know where Daniel is during this assignment because it is top secret.  She is worried, but vows to stand behind Daniel.  His position as a police captain is under scrutiny by the commissioners who are trying to find reasons to dismiss him from the New York City police department.  Molly and Liam stay behind at Patchin Place with their good friends and neighbors, Sid and Gus.

Molly sees a film of Daniel at the movies that was taken in San Francisco and when she sees that, she is livid.  Molly at last receives a letter from Daniel, and becomes suspicious.  Daniel never writes more than a couple of sentences and he would never refer to Molly as frail or that she would deign to do embroidery work.  This is a strange thing for Daniel to write and Molly is quite irritated, thinking he is making fun of her.  Then upon further thought, she sees that it could possibly be a plea for her to come to San Francisco.  So upon the urging of Sid and Gus, Molly undertakes a cross country train trip with Liam on her hip.  What she finds there is devastating to her and she must cope as best she can in a strange city with no one to help her.  Not only that, but she has to contend with the earthquake of 1906 and resulting fire and disappearance of Liam.

I loved this book, as I do all of the Molly Murphy series.  I keep thinking that Ms. Bowen cannot possible write another mystery that is as good as the one before, but I am always proven wrong.   I was sent a print copy of this book by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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