“The Edge of Dreams” by Rhys Bowen

The Molly Murphy Mystery series by Rhys Bowen is one of my favorites.  This series blends the history of a by-gone era with the tenacity of a young woman as she gets herself into all kinds of trouble.  In “The Edge of Dreams”, someone is committing murders and after each one, Molly’s husband, Daniel Sullivan, a police captain receives a cryptic message from the killer.

Molly and their son, Liam, are in a horrible train crash, but escape with their lives.  Daniel receives another message from the killer which causes suspicion that the train crash is not an accident, but purposefully staged to take the life of someone on board.   Are these murders a form of revenge?  Are Molly and Liam in danger from the murderer because of their connection to Daniel, or is the killer after someone prominent in the community?

Molly’s friends, Sid and Gus have a friend who needs help with her niece who has been left an orphan after a fire killed her parents in their bed.  Mabel was not injured in the fire and this is suspicious to one of Daniel’s fellow policemen.  Mabel is having dreams that leave her screaming and the aunt is seeking help for the young girl.  Suspicion is that the girl killed her parents and set the house on fire and ran and hid in the garden.  Molly herself is having dreams and blames her Irish heritage for her second sight.  She thinks these dreams have some kind of connection to Daniel’s murder cases.  Eventually all comes to light as the murderer’s identity is discovered.  This is another fine mystery novel by Rhys Bowen.

I was sent a print copy of this book by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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