“Sister Eve and the Blue Nun” by Lynne Hinton

After reading “Sister Eve and the Blue Nun” by Lynne Hinton, I am determined to read the previous novels about Sister Eve and see if they are written in the same vein.

Sister Eve is a motorcycle-riding modern nun with a problem.  She’s not sure if she wants to remain in the convent or join her retired cop father as a private eye.  This story begins as Sister Eve is visiting the monastery where she and her fellow sisters used to live, but on the whim of the bishop, the nuns were kicked out.  There is to be a convention of sorts where new information about the Blue Nun, a 17th century Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda.  Sister Maria supposedly bi-located herself to minister to the Indians in New Mexico while also appearing in Spain and many would like to see her named a saint.  Dr. Kelly Middlesworth, a sister of Brother Anthony who is a resident of the monastery, has gained information that would prove that Sister Maria indeed bi-located herself.  She is to share this information at the convention against the wishes of her brother.  Sadly, she is murdered the night before and her brother is under suspicion.  Sister Eve is determined to prove his innocence.

I enjoyed this mystery, but found it difficult to read.  The only comment I have is that Sister Eve had so many theories about what happened that I was having a hard time keeping it straight as I read.  I was sent a print copy of this book by LitfusePublicity.com in return for my honest review.


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