“Brighton Belle” by Sara Sheridan

“Brighton Belle” by Sara Sheridan was quite an interesting story set in the 1950’s in Brighton, England.   Mirabelle Bevan was a pseudo-secretary for Big Ben McGuigan, whose business was to recover payments of debts for clients.  She had been part of the intelligence service during the war and found that it was hard not to pursue that instinct in her current position.  Something is afoot with Big Ben.  He has taken sick days, but when Mirabelle attempts to find him at home, it is as though he’d not been there for a while.  She decides to work on his last commission, which was to find money loaned to Romana Laszlo.  One thing leads to another and she is in the middle of a conspiracy that someone is trying to get money out of the continent and launder it through nefarious means.  Vesta, one of her fellow secretaries in the building where her office is located wants to help.  They end up in a lot of trouble, but also find out a lot of information to turn over to the police.

This story was at times difficult to follow because people were not who they purported to be.  One murder led to another and Mirabelle and Vesta find resources they didn’t know they had in solving the murders without becoming victims themselves.  I did enjoy this work probably because it followed activities related to the war and its aftermath.

I was sent a free Kindle copy of this book from NetGalley.com and Kensington Books  in return for my honest review.


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