“The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Rachel McMillan

“The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Rachel McMillan is the latest book in my repertoire.  It took a while for me to engage myself in the book, but found that I did enjoy it.

Most young ladies living in 1910 Toronto were only interested in acquiring the skills necessary to be a good wife and mother.  God help you if you were in your mid-twenties and single with no beau in sight.  Merinda Herringford and Jemima Watts see themselves as detectives following the lead of Sherlock Holmes and Watson.  Of course, Merinda was Sherlock…a bossy young woman.  She and Jem got themselves in the most ludicrous jams.  They had accomplices though; Jasper Forth, a police constable, and Ray DeLuca, a journalist writing about corruption in Toronto.   The escapades that these two women got into and subsequently involved Jasper and Ray are the stuff of this novel.  At first I was a little put off by the actions of Merinda.  I thought of her as the brains of the duo, but thought that she was overbearing with Jem.  I changed my mind through the novel because I began to see the humor in some of their activities.

I found this novel quite entertaining, just not riveting.  I was actually able to put it down between reading sessions, unlike other books I have read.   However, I thought the novel gave a good representation of the life women lived in the early 1900’s, and I did enjoy that aspect of it very much.

I was sent a free print copy of this book from Harvest House and Litfuse publicity in return for my honest review.


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