“The Dinner Party” by Brenda Janowitz

“The Dinner Party” by Brenda Janowitz was a thought-provoking novel.  The plot involves a dinner party given as a Seder Supper.  Rebecca Gold of Greenwich has been dating Henry Rothschild for about three months and asks her mother if she may bring Henry as a guest at the family Seder.  Sylvia is ecstatic and determined to make this dinner perfect in every way.  The Rothschilds are an extremely upper crust Jewish family and Becca’s mother wants to make a good impression.  She goes all out to spruce up the house, investigates the Rothschilds on-line to make sure she knows all about them.  Even though the family loves the Seder suppers that Sylvia has prepared before, she decides to hire a chef to make it an even more memorable evening.  She invites her other daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Joe and even Joe’s very Italian mother.  Even though much money has been spent and much planning has gone into making this a dinner to remember, everything falls apart.  Eventually, all present come to realize that it isn’t the dinner itself or the table decorations, or the wine or anything else but good old family togetherness that is the most important thing.

I found this novel entertaining and humorous.  I saw myself somewhat in Sylvia.  Sometimes I try to hard to make everything perfect.  It was quite revealing to read this book and discover what I already knew…family is everything.  I was sent a free print copy of this book from NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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