“Lost Among the Living” by Simone St. James

I normally do not enjoy ghost stories of any kind, so when I received “Lost Among the Living” by Simone St. James from NightOwlReviews.com I was a bit skeptical that I would enjoy reading it.  I was very surprised because almost from the first chapter, I was very involved with the characters and the story.  Jo Manders’ husband Alex was shot down over Germany and never returned home after World War I.  It has been three years since the armistice, but the War Office and other agencies cannot or will not give her any information about whether or not Alex is dead or missing.  She is in desperate circumstances and accepts a job as a Girl Friday to Alex’s Aunt Dottie.  They move back to the home place.  Aunt Dottie’s daughter Frances had committed suicide some years before and the house had an eerie mood about it.  Jo began to see and hear things that no one else did.  She feels the presence of Frances around her at times and it seems that the spirit wants something from Jo.  When Jo finds out some very unsettling things about her husband, she begins to question all that she knew before.

I found this novel to be riveting and hard to stop reading.  I guarantee that it will keep you in suspense until the very end.  I highly recommend it.  I was sent a free print copy of this book from NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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