“A Sweet Misfortune” by Maggie Brendan

I have had the privilege of reading two books in the Virtues and Vices of the Old West series by Maggie Brendan.  The first book of the series is “The Trouble with Patience.  I was sent a free print copy of the second book in the series, “A Sweet Misfortune” from Revell in return for my honest review.  Although I was not a great fan of the first book, I found this second novel more to my liking.  The story was catching and there were very interesting characters interacting.  However, I did find that some of the events could have been more developed to prompt more interest in the book.

In this second book, Rachel Matthews has been taking care of herself ever since her parents died and her brother left to find his fortune in able to keep the ranch running.  His friend and business partner, John McIntyre, has been requested by her brother to save her from the disgrace of working in a dance hall.  His method is not the best, that is, if he intended to make her happy about the situation.  He has little respect for a girl whom he thinks has become a fallen woman.  But Rachel’s caring manner and compassionate care of his grandmother and himself brings him to another conclusion.

The book was ok, but as with the first novel, I seemed to be missing something.  The story line is one that I think  could be developed more fully and the characters given more depth.


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