“The Family Way” by Rhys Bowen

“The Family Way”, a Molly Murphy Mystery, written by Rhys Bowen was perhaps the most menacing of all her novels to date.  This is the twelfth book in the series and the latest that I have read.

Molly Murphy Sullivan is with child and it being summer in New York and hotter than Billy blue blazes, her doting husband Daniel sends Molly to visit his mother in Westchester County, out of the heat of the city and out of the way of his investigations.  Before leaving, Molly sees her estranged brother Liam, who is on the lam and witnesses a baby’s kidnapping.  Both of these seemingly separate occurrences lead Molly to her most terrifying investigation yet.

I enjoy reading Ms. Bowen’s novels because they always help me conjure images of life as it was then.   I marvel at Ms. Bowen’s inspiration in the writing of this mystery series.  Even though the premise is the same, in all of the novels that I have read, there is never a lack of intriguing plot.


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