“The Death of Riley” by Rhys Bowen

“The Death of Riley” by Rhys Bowen is the second book in the “Molly Murphy Mystery Series”.  I have really enjoyed all of the books in this series that I’ve been able to read so far.  My goal is to read them all.  Molly is a recent immigrant from Ireland living in New York at the turn of the 20th century.  There are not many jobs for young ladies during this period in history. However, Molly is very adept at solving mysteries that the police have trouble doing.  She is determined to become a private detective and to that end seeks employment with Paddy Riley who is a seasoned detective with his own business.  Not too long after she is hired, Molly enters the office to find Paddy dying of a knife wound and the assailant attacks her, knocking her out.  She is determined to solve this case because the police seem to be giving up.

I enjoy reading Ms. Bowen’s novels because they always help me conjure images of life as it was then.  I am also very intrigued by the convoluted reasoning behind Molly’s crime solving expertise.


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