Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante by Susan Elia MacNeal

Susan Elia MacNeal has written five books in the Maggie Hope Mystery series.  I read book number five, “Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante” and was hooked on the series.  I have every intention of reading the rest of the novels.  I especially enjoyed reading about the history of the period, December 1941.  Ms. MacNeal includes fictional accounts of real historical events that happened to Winston Churchill, her boss, and the Roosevelt’s in the White House.  This book takes in a ten-day time period just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  The momentous meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt that brought the two countries together to thwart the Nazi menace and also the Japanese war machine was the main point of the story.  Maggie Hope is more than a secretary to Mr. Churchill.  She is a special agent.  After finding the murdered young girl who was in Mrs. Roosevelt’s employ, Maggie used her considerable skills to help the beleaguered First Lady.  Bringing up rumors about Eleanor Roosevelt that were prevalent at this time and how those could have caused a great catastrophe was, I think, a bold move for Ms. MacNeal.  I enjoyed this novel very much and would highly recommend it.


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