“Mermaid Moon” by Colleen Coble

Mallory Davis has stayed away from her hometown for over fifteen years.  Something in her past caused estrangement from her father.  That “something” also fostered her belief that she was responsible for her mother’s death.  After receiving a call that her father died on his mail boat route, Mallory, along with her daughter Haylie and good neighbor and friend, Carol travel to Mermaid Point, Maine.  Believing her father was murdered, she enlists the help of game warden, Kevin, a former friend and sweetheart to help her.  When threatening things start to happen to Mallory and Haylie, Kevin and Mallory step up their search for her father’s killer.  Along with the chills and thrills of the story, comes the realization for Mallory that what seemed true from her past, really isn’t.  I enjoyed this thriller-mystery, “Mermaid Moon” by Colleen Coble and think you will too.

I received a print copy of this book from LitFuseGroup.com in return for my honest review.


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