“Until the Dawn” by Elizabeth Camden

Sophie van Riijn is a volunteer for the newly formed Weather Bureau.  She has placed her equipment atop Dierenpark, an abandoned mansion located on a cliff in the Hudson River Valley.  Supposedly, this mansion is the subject of many rumors and hints of mystery that have plagued the owners for decades.  She loves this place and loves the haunting beauty of the land.  Elizabeth Camden has written a lovely story in “Until the Dawn” about this magical but mysterious place.

When the current Vandermark owner arrives unannounced with his son and entourage, he promptly fires everyone who has worked on keeping the estate running and in good condition.  He is a grumpy, hard man who has the intention of destroying the mansion and all its goods in order to rid his family of the so-called “curse”.  Sophie has her work cut out for her, trying to persuade Quentin Vandermark to permit the collection of data for the weather bureau and to keep Dierenpark intact.

I enjoyed this story.  There were so many interesting facts about the plot that kept my interest, not to mention the interaction of the vivacious Sophie with the brooding Quentin.  Ms. Camden has a way with words that in describing the mansion and its property, I could actually see it in my mind.

I received a print copy of this book from Bethany House in return for my honest review.


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