“The Wedding Chapel” by Rachel Hauck

“The Wedding Chapel” by Rachel Hauck is the story of a man’s family secrets that haunt him almost seventy years later.  Jimmy Westbrook fell in love with a photograph.  Colette Greer and her older sister, Peg, were sent to their aunt’s home in Tennessee after the death of their parents during the Second World War in England.  The sisters were in their teens and attended high school in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee.  Jimmy Westbrook fell for Colette and they pledged themselves to each other before Jimmy left for the army.  He built a wedding chapel where they could be married after he returned from the war.  Because of circumstances which caused Colette to doubt their love, she sent Jimmy a “Dear John” letter, and left Tennessee for the bright lights.  She became a famous soap opera star and never married.  Jimmy stayed behind and also never married.   Colette’s niece, Taylor, contacts her for a farewell photo shoot upon her retirement from the television show.  Taylor is married to Jack, whom she met while in school in Heart’s Bend.  Some years later they met in New York and fell in love.  They hastily married, but things were not going well for them and their relationship.  Taylor takes a photography job in her home town and is taken with the wedding chapel, its simplicity and beauty.  There is also something alive about the place.  This story is about the fruition of people’s dreams.  Sometimes it takes a long time for dreams to be fulfilled, but they are ever sweeter for the wait.

I received a print copy of this book from LitFuseGroup.com in return for my honest review.


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