“A Quilt for Christmas” by Sandra Dallas

Sandra Dallas has done it again!  I think she scored 100% on her new book, “A Quilt for Christmas”.  I have all of her books and delight in reading and re-reading them.  Ms. Dallas’ flair for poetic description is not flowery, but exquisitely simple, and provides a truly mental picture.  I find Ms. Dallas’ books to be the finest I have read and I intend to make sure that my library contains every one of her books.

The book starts in 1864 when Elizabeth Spooner’s husband leaves to join the Kansas Volunteers and the fighting.  Elizabeth is left with the care of the children, the farm, her duties, her husband’s duties and more worries and grief than she should handle.  In addition to her own troubles, she provides shelter for a young woman and child, and for a runaway young slave woman.  She does it all and keeps her focus on what is right and good.  I kept wondering as I read the book if I could have survived all she did and accomplished everything with the same determination.  I think I would have come up short.


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