“The Sword & Scabbard” by Allen Woods

Allen Woods, in his novel, “The Sword & Scabbard”, delves into the history of the time prior and during The Bloody Massacre” in pre-Revolutionary War Boston.  While we think of our forefathers as patriotic, altruistic gentlemen, the reverse is more to the truth.  Actually, the time before the war was a time when liberty and larceny ran hand in hand.  The leaders were usually men of wealth and power and used their influence to instigate the flaunting of British authority –   this, mostly to secure their positions, businesses and properties to the detriment of their competitors.

In this novel we follow Nicholas Gray and Maggie Magowan who run The Sword and Scabbard, a tavern where on any given night you will find politics and crime the topic of clandestine meetings.  Nicholas and Maggie are fugitives from past situations and are drawn into the politics of the period by friends and enemies alike.  I was very interested in the history as it is portrayed in this book.  I think any history buff will enjoy reading a different kind of novel about our country’s beginning.  You may find out who the real Sons of Liberty were.  I was sent a print copy of this book by Smith Publicity in return for my honest review.


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