“Promise to Keep” by Elizabeth Byler Younts

“Promise to Keep” by Elizabeth Byler Younts is a beautifully written novel about relationships and past promises.  From the beginning of the book, I was so involved with the characters that I almost became emotionally involved myself.  Esther Detweiler is an Amish “spinster” of thirty-four who has taken care of others her whole life.  Her father “died” when she was four, her mother soon after that.  She lived with her grandmother but was pretty much responsible to do the manual labor on the farm and see that they didn’t starve.  Her best friend and cousin married outside of the Amish faith and was shunned.  However Esther refused to accept the bann and continued to be her friend.  When she died in childbirth, Esther took over the care of Daisy, a deaf child, when her father left to go to war (and get away from his responsibilities).  Upon his return, Esther has to accept that Daisy will be with him.  This book will yank on your heart strings as you follow the story.  You might even shed a tear or two…a very good book.

I received a print copy of this book from Howard Books in return for my honest review.


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