“No Place to Hide” by Susan Lewis

“No Place to Hide” was written by Susan Lewis, an author living in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.  I was surprised and pleased that this English author chose my home state of Indiana for the background for this book.  I am familiar with the town and region that she wrote about.  It added a little bit of spice.

This novel was hard to read at times because Justine, the main character, had such devastating secrets to overcome.  She moved to Culver, Indiana from her home in England along with her three-year-old daughter to escape the memories and the torment she endured there.  What awaits her in this small town where she used to visit her maternal grandmother brings a whole new set of secrets.  How Justine and her family cope with their losses and grief is the main plot of this story.  Even though it was hard to read, it did strike a chord in me…my own childhood memories and how they would sustain me in my life.

I was sent a print copy of this book by Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest review.


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