“Sullivan’s Way” by Wilhelmina Stolen

I downloaded “Sullivan’s Way” from the Way of Hearts Saga by Wilhelmina Stolen.  The novel takes place in 1868, after the Civil War, in Virginia.  Daniel Sullivan’s “sons”, Joe and Cal, are wanted men.  As the story begins, Daniel is in jail waiting for his scheduled hanging the next day.  Daniel’s children, Marnie “Joe” and Callie “Cal” break him out of jail and hide him on Sullivan’s Way.  Daniel is in a state of grief after the murder of his beloved wife and the mother of Joe and Cal, Honesty Sullivan by Talon Dougal the year before during a robbery attempt.  He and his henchmen also kidnapped Marnie and Callie, but they were saved by Daniel and his men.  Most of the bandits were killed, but Talon got away.  Now the governor has requested Max (Honesty’s brother) to make sure that he is captured.  Max sends Mason Kane to do the job.  Of course, Marnie and Mason fall for each other, but the ways of love are not smooth.

There are so many subplots to this book that I could not keep them straight.  Referenced were constantly made to secrets that Daniel is keeping to himself.  There are also insinuations that Daniel’s has secrets about the adoption of his son, Lucas, many years before.  I found these many various scenarios of mistaken identity, robberies, hidden treasures, misplaced loyalties, and even paranormal activity, too much to take in.  I think the author was trying to include too many plots and as a consequence the reader is left adrift.  Some of the questions never did get resolved in my mind.  I finished the book, but I was tempted not to because I was constantly trying to figure out what the heck was happening.  I probably will not read any more novels in the Way of Hearts Saga.

I was sent a Kindle copy of this book by NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.


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