“For Such a Time” by Elyse Larson

Elyse Larson has written the Women of Valor series.  “For Such a Time” is book one in this series.  The novel takes place during World War II beginning in December, 1943 in Lyon, France.  Giselle Munier and her husband Caude are members of the resistance fighting the German occupation army.  They have two little girls who are in harm’s way especially since their parents are working undercover.  Giselle and Claude are known among the Resistance as Julie and Armand.  With every-day life getting more and more dangerous for all, the Muniers decide to take their children to the country to stay at a remote farm where they will be safe.  Julie takes the girls to safety, but coming home finds that Claude is missing and in going to their apartment, she is apprehended by the Gestapo as a known Resistance agent.

Meanwhile, Giselle’s cousin, Jean Thornton, a member of the Red Cross, is preparing to cross the ocean to England where she will join others in their care of the servicemen. She is in love with a Nisei soldier, Tom, who she met in one of the camps on the west coast.  She is trying to get over him.  She is also very worried about Giselle, her cousin and childhood friend, whom she has not heard from for a long while.  She knows that they are in occupied France.  Upon her arrival in England, she gets word that Giselle has been captured and tortured, but rescued by the Resistance.  Since she is one of the leaders, the Germans are looking for her in order to get information on all those involved in the underground.  Jean decides that she wants to enter occupied France in order to get Giselle and her children out and back to England.  She is trained by the British Special Ops and in a few weeks is dropped in France.  She is able to get her cousin and children home, but they are still in danger.

This book is very well worth reading.  I loved the drama and breathtakingly dangerous activities of the rescue.  I almost sat on the edge of my seat as I read.  I will definitely be reading the other novels in this series.


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