“Look to the East” by Maureen Lang

“Look to the East” by Maureen Lang is one of three novels in the Great War Series.  This particular novel takes place in France in 1914.  The little village of Briecourt is located near the Belgian border.  There are two family factions in this village, the Toussaints and the deCovilles, neither of the two trusts the other and it has been this way for centuries.  The families are not even sure why the feud is ongoing.  Even though this village is very small and seemingly nonconsequential it is eventually occupied by the Germans, trapping a Belgian businessman behind enemy lines.  Trying to get back to the border, Charles Lassone hides in the church at Briecourt and is eventually discovered by the lovely Juliette Toussaint.  Living with daily deprivations and trying to stay out of sight of the Germans, Juliette and Charles become romantically involved.  There are at least ten men being hidden by the villagers and eventually some are smuggled out and make it back to their lines.  Charles cannot forget Juliette and comes back to rescue her before the German army can decimate the town in its retreat.  It is impossible to know whom to trust amongst the townspeople.

I loved this book.  I especially enjoy all novels set in World War II times and this one proved to be dangerously exciting and enjoyable to read.  I recommend this book highly.  I was sent a print copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in return for my honest review.


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