“Into the Storm” by Lisa Bingham

I am such a fan of historical novels set in the era of World War II and can never get enough of them.  I just finished novels by Lisa Bingham that served to whet my appetite for the war-time novels.  “Into the Storm” is a novel that begins in the United States and travels to war-time Great Britain.  We begin with RueAnn Boggs, meeting Charlie, marrying him in haste in a real shotgun wedding.  Charlie is immediately called home to England and war.  After a year, RueAnn follows her heart to England where she is caught up in the Blitz.

We also follow Susan Blunt, whose twin sister convinces her to switch places with her on a date.  Susan reluctantly does and winds up falling head over heels for the young airman, Paul.  He thinks she is Sara and then the fun begins.  RueAnn and Susan live next door and sustain each other through the ravages of the war.  Each girl comes to find a courage they didn’t know they had and the ingenuity to make the most of their circumstances.  Join me in reading about the wonder of war-time love and the sorrows of life that come from battle.  You won’t be disappointed.  I was sent a Kindle copy of this book by NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.


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