“Through Waters Deep” by Sarah Sundin

I was privileged to read Sarah Sundin’s first book in her Waves of Freedom series, “Through Waters Deep”.  I love all of Ms. Sundin’s writing and have purchased all the books in her previous two series.  I look forward to the next books in this new series also.

This novel is set in Boston in the spring of 1941.  Tensions are running high in the United States between isolationists, who want no part of a war with Germany and interventionists, those who think the United States has a responsibility to help their Allies.  Mary Stirling works at the Boston Navy Yard where ships are built and commissioned.  Lt. Jim Avery is an Ensign assigned to the USS Atwood, which is due for a shakedown cruise.  They meet at the commissioning of the USS Ettinger, where sabotage occurs during the ceremony.  Later on, during its shakedown cruise, a bomb is found on the USS Atwood.  Mary and Jim work undercover, each in their respective locations, to discover who is behind the incidents.

I loved reading this novel.  I am an ardent fan of anything pertaining to World War II and I have found a wonderful author who writes about this time in history with knowledge and sensitivity.  I highly recommend all of Ms. Sundin’s books and can hardly wait for the next one in this series.

I received a print copy of this book from LitFuse Publicity in return for my honest review.


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