“Irish Meadows” by Susan Anne Mason

I was delighted to read “Irish Meadows” by Susan Anne Mason for LitFuse Publicity.  This novel is set on Long Island, NY in the early 1900’s.  Irish Meadows is a horse farm where race horses are boarded and bred.   The main characters are Colleen and Brianna, daughters of James O’Leary.  The horse racing business is in jeopardy and James is ever increasingly concerned about the survival of his farm.  Gilbert Whelan is a young man who was taken in by the O’Leary family after his parents’ death.  He has returned from college and is preparing to take his place in the running of the farm.  Brianna has always had feeling for Gil, but is a very quiet girl.  She is very happy just to be able to take care of the horses and ride her beloved mount.  Colleen, however, is very coquettish in her ways and flirts shamelessly with every available young man.  James is making plans for Brianna to marry a distant cousin in order to link their properties and gain a source of income that will ensure the continuance of his farm enterprise.

I really enjoyed this novel, not only because it gave a very good view of the era of the early 1900’s, but also gave a glimpse of the racing business on Long Island.  I would recommend this book highly.


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