“Lorie’s Heart” by Amy Lillard

Since I am a fan of Amish fiction, I was glad to review “Lorie’s Heart” by Amy Lillard.  Most Amish-themed books I have read glorify the ideals and beliefs of the Amish community.  The simple way of life, the shunning of all worldly inventions and progress are presented as a way of life that embraces the will of God.  There are many rules and expectations concerning this way of life and I’m sure many of us could not live with these constraints.  Lorie Kauffman’s father has been killed in an accident.  What follows is the revelation that all is not what it seemed for Henry Kauffman.  He has been living two lives and Lorie’s pursuit of the truth leads her to question everything she has known.  I really liked this book and would recommend it highly.

I received a free print copy of the book in return for my honest opinion of the book from NightOwlReviews.com.


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