“One Mile Under” by Andrew Gross

Andrew Gross has written a real thriller, “One Mile Under”.  Ty Hauck is a former detective who is recuperating from being shot while on a case.  His god-daughter Dani Whalen is a white-water guide in Colorado.  While taking a tour down river, she happens upon the body of a friend.  The death is deemed to be an accident.  Dani, however, is skeptical.   When information comes to her from another source that he had seen something on the river and that her friend was not alone, she decides to see what the old guy knows.  Before she can talk to him, he is killed in a hot air balloon accident, or was it?   When Dani’s godfather Ty comes to help her out, they discover a sinister conspiracy is occurring and they don’t know who to trust.  You will not be able to put this book away until you read the whole thing.  I was on the edge of my seat.

I was sent a free print copy of the book by NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest opinion of the book.


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