“The Happy Hour Choir” by Sally Kilpatrick

Beulah Land (yes, that’s her name) plays jazzed-up hymns along with other music in a bar.  Across the street is a Methodist church with a new preacher.  Luke, the preacher, doesn’t like for classic hymns to be played in anything other than a serious manner.  Beulah, for all her young years, has had a hard life.  She was kicked out of her pastor father’s home when she became pregnant at sixteen.  She was taken in by Ginger, an older lady who tried to raise her right.  Ginger has cancer, An abused pregnant teen moves in with Beulah and Ginger, Beulah falls in love with Luke.  Life keeps on happening, and Beulah must learn to deal with it.  “The Happy Hour Choir” is a debut novel by Sally Kilpatrick, and sure to be the first of many best-sellers.  I definitely enjoyed this book, even though bad situations kept on happening.  My only criticism is that Beulah really has a chip on her shoulder, not unwarranted, but sometimes her complaining is a bit too much.

I received a free print copy of the book from NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest opinion of the novel.


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