“To Win Her Favor” by Tamera Alexander

I’m anxiously awaiting the debut of Tamera Alexander’s next novel in the Belle Meade Plantation Series because I loved reading “To Win Her Favor”, the second book in the series.  The first book is “To Whisper Her Name”.  Post-bellum Nashville, Tennessee is the setting for this enticing novel about plantations, thoroughbreds, racing and racism.  Maggie Linden must marry Cullen McGrath, an Irish immigrant, to save her family’s plantation, Linden Downs.  Maggie’s father accepts Cullen’s offer to purchase his land, and adds that he must marry lovely Maggie in the bargain.  I was so taken with Cullen’s desire to staff Linden Downs with freedmen and their families and to provide more than adequate housing and pay for these newly displaced people.  I thought that the inclusion of the Ku Klux Klan retaliating to Cullen’s and Maggie’s acceptance of the freedmen and families as friends, not just workers was true to the period.  I loved this book and would recommend it as a wonderful read.

I was sent a free print copy of the book by Litfuse Blog Tour in return for my honest opinion of the book.


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