“A Fifty-Year Silence” by Miranda Richmond Mouillot

Miranda Richmond Mouillot has written “A Fifty-Year Silence”, a story about her maternal grandparents, Anna and Armand.  Ms. Mouillot is a very descriptive writer, an example:  “The furniture, arranged around a gigantic hearth with a stone mantel, slept under sheets of cobwebs like a royal retinue under a spell….”  I could picture this in my mind as I read.  The book started interestingly and kept me reading for a while.  However, I felt that I was reading in circles towards the middle of the book.  The author was trying to discover why her grandparents had not spoken to each other in over 50 years.  I’m not sure why, but I was expecting some extremely emotional or physical incident to take place.  I felt confused because the historic chronology of
Anna and Armand went back and forth.  I never knew where I was.  Ms. Mouillot worked very hard to come to grips with her grandparents’ history, but I really did not find this book as interesting as I’d hoped when I started reading it.  I think I would like other works by this author if the subject matter was different.

I was sent a free print copy of the book by BloggingForBooks.com in return for my honest review of the book.


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