“A Sparrow in Terezin” by Kristy Cambron

“A Sparrow in Terezin” by Kristy Cambron is the second book of the Hidden Masterpiece Novels.  Even though some of the characters in this book have made their first appearance in “The Butterfly and the Violin”, and the book can be read without reading the first one in the series; it would be much better to read them in sequence.  I loved this novel.  It is a story of survival, perseverance, faith and determination.   Reading about camps such as Terezin and others bring me to tears.  I also feel hope in that these poor victims, who had to suffer so much inhumane treatment at the hands of their captors, can keep their focus on surviving.  What a tribute to those who endured and a testimonial to those who didn’t survive.

My review seems inadequate in the face of the power of this novel.   The story has stayed with me and even haunts me.  I’m not sure I could have endured.


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