“The War Nurse” by R.V. Doon

I was anxious to read “The War Nurse” by R.V. Doon because I am a huge fan of all stories about World War II.  This book is a fictional account of the lives of Red Cross nurses who were caught in the Philippines during the Japanese invasion.  They were taken into the Army and served until the end of the war.  Some were evacuated from Bataan, but some were not able to leave and were subsequently taken prisoner by the Japanese and sent to Santo Tomas camp in Manila.  This story is about Katarina Stahl and Jack Gallagher, she a nurse and he a surgeon, both trapped in the Philippines.  It is also the story of Katarina’s German family, living in Queens, NY and their treatment by the government and their incarceration in a deportation camp.  I was reticent to put this book down because it was so interesting.  It also has some gruesome accounts of the depravity of the human spirit in time of war.  Those parts were very hard to read because they were so vividly depicted.  However, I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in history and especially that of World War II.


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