“A Brush with Love” by Rachel Hauck

“A Brush with Love” by Rachel Hauck, published by Zondervan, is a book about Ginger Winters, a young woman disfigured in a fire years ago, who has a talent for making others look beautiful.  She has bought a beauty shop and is making a good living.  She has scars from the past, not only visible scars, but scars deep within.  She always wears clothing that hides her scars from everyone.  She has been employed by a former classmate to arrange the hair for her wedding attendants, family and also the bride.  One of the groom’s attendants has come to town to be in the wedding.  Tom comes to the beauty shop for a trim and sees Ginger again.  Ginger only remembers him as the boy who stood her up while both were in high school over twelve years ago.  The novel continues as Tom, who has come back home to open a church as a preacher, tries to talk Ginger into a date and also into believing in herself.

The book was okay, but at one point I really wished that it would move on.  It seemed as though it took forever for Ginger and Tom to get somewhere.  I did not really enjoy this book very much.  It seemed to bog down too many times and I was left wanting more.  I was sent a free e-book copy of this book by Litfuse Publicity in return for my honest review.


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