“Mail Order Husband” by DiAnn Mills

“Mail Order Husband” was written by DiAnn Mills.  It takes place in central Nebraska in 1880.  I read of lot of “mail-order bride” novels and thought this might just be a lot of fun to read.

Lena Walker has two young sons and is trying to run her farm by herself after her husband passed away.  She has done pretty well, but knows that she will need help.  She rejects a few offers of marriage from the pitiful pool of eligible bachelors or widowers she has received.  She decides to advertise for a husband.

Philadelphia resident Gabriel Hunters reads the advertisement and begins to hope that he might find a new life for himself.  Gabriel has never courted a woman and never knew his father.  He wonders if he might be the right man to serve as a father to two young sons.  He doesn’t know anything about farming.  His main interest is his books.  However, he does have a very positive attitude that he could learn what he needs to know.  He answers the ad and makes the long journey to Nebraska to become a mail-order husband.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  At first the meeting between Lena and Gabriel was almost painful to read about.  I had a great sympathy for Gabriel and also for Lena who had expected someone completely different.  Gabriel is not in the best of shape, slightly paunchy, with the soft hands of someone not used to manual labor.  He is also an intellectual whose language is hard for people to understand since there education has not progressed as much as his has.  I very much enjoyed reading how Gabriel and Lena come together to form a new family.  I think you would like this book as it is a refreshingly different sort of novel.

I downloaded a free Kindle copy of this book on Amazon.com.  I am posting my honest review of the book.


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