“The Dead Will Tell” by Linda Castillo

“The Dead Will Tell” by Linda Castillo was an interesting read.  Because of the subject matter, it held my interest throughout.

The story begins thirty-five years earlier as a young Billy Hochstetler is awakened in the middle of the night by intruders threatening his family.  During the burglary, his father is shot and killed, his mother is forced to leave with the three men, and he and the children are forced into the cellar.  Billy decides to try to save his mother and after escaping through a window, goes after her, leaving his brothers and sisters by themselves.  He chases the get-away car, but is unsuccessful in rescuing his mother.  He returns to the house to find it engulfed in flames.  In one night he has lost his family.

Fast forward to present day…Painter’s Mill Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called to the scene of a supposed suicide.  After checking the scene and looking into other facets of the dead man’s life, it is determined that he was murdered.  Circumstances in subsequent murders seemed to bring the Hochstetler incident into the mix.  What are the connecting threads?

This book’s plot and Ms. Castillo’s writing kept me thoroughly interested and entertained.  I would like to read more stories by this writer.  I found that the murder acts were quite violent and could not guess who the murderer was.  The end will surprise you.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Night Owl Reviews in return for my honest assessment of the book.


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