“A Most Inconvenient Marriage” by Regina Jennings

I loved this book!   “A Most Inconvenient Marriage” by Regina Jennings was a joy to read.  It had all the elements of a page-turner.

Right away, I was hooked because the writing was so very readable.  Abigail Stuart is a nurse working at a prison hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, in early 1865.  One of her patients, Captain Jeremiah Calhoun, a Confederate prisoner, is dying and asks her to marry him in order for her to have his farm in the Ozarks and to have her care for his ailing sister and mother after his death.  Since Abby is estranged from her family and has no one to go home to, she agrees.

After the war is over, upon her arrival at the farm, she is immediately welcomed by Jeremiah’s mother and tolerated by his ailing sister.  She pitches in and becomes an invaluable asset to the farm and family.  She is known to all in the area as Captain Calhoun’s widow.  This is all fine until Captain Jeremiah Calhoun returns to his farm and demands to know why and how Abigail thinks she is going to steal his farm.  It is a most inconvenient marriage for both of them.  Just who was the soldier she married?  Why would this man pretend to be Captain Calhoun?  Where does this leave Abigail?

I really enjoyed reading this book and finding out where all this was headed.  Not only was this storyline enjoyable, but there were also jayhawkers, horse thieves, and worse making life difficult during this time.  The characters in this story were very believable and convincing.  I really wanted everything to work out for all.  I would like to read more books by Ms. Jennings.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Bethany House in return for my honest assessment of the book.


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