“While We’re Far Apart” by Lynn Austin

“While We’re Far Apart” by Lynn Austin is a really good book.  I enjoyed if from the first chapter.  My favorite books are those set in the 1940’s, so this is one that I looked forward to reading.

The novel is set in Brooklyn in 1943 during the war.  Esther and Peter are visiting their father’s mother and discover during their visit that their father Eddie has enlisted.  Who is going to care for his children?  He has asked his mother to do so, but she doesn’t want the responsibility and really is not capable of caring for them.  Their next door neighbors are an older couple and their daughter.  Penny Goodrich is in her twenties and is still living at home.  Her mother and father berate her continually…for being dumb as a green bean, having no common sense, and on and on.  Penny fancies herself in love with Eddie and sees a chance for her to be available to him if she offers to take care of his children while he is away.

Penny goes to live in Eddie’s apartment with the children.  The building is owned by a widower, whose wife was killed in the same freak accident that killed the children’s mother.  He is bitter and lives a very lonely existence.  He is also trying to find out where his son and family are since they are somewhere in Hungary which is under Nazi control.  From keeping away from each other, the books main characters come to depend on each other more and more.  The novel is really about neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping each other.

I loved this book.  I downloaded this book from Amazon.com to my Kindle.


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